Tire Size Calculator

Welcome to the TireSizePro web-portal. Here our users can find a wide varierty of useful info on different tires and wheels, including detailed parameters such as size, specifcations, max speed and many more. We gathered these parameters for almost 3000 vehicle models! Is easy to access all this information by using a selector menu.


The quality and proper selection of tires and wheels plays a big role for the driver's and car safety. When choosing tires and wheels, you should be guided solely by the manufacturer’s technical recommendations.

To choose the right tires, you need to know correct parameters, since an overly wide rubber can cause the brake system to malfunction, and a narrow one to increase the load on the bearing. To avoid the above problems, we recommend wheels and tires should be selected by car model. This will install the necessary details.

Faced with the need to choose new tires, we recommend using our specialized service, which can not only helpa to select tires, but also explains the features of their operation. It is important to know that the correct choice of tires depends on the axis of the car, the operating conditions, the quality of the roads, the nature of traffic and the seasons. See also completely free vin check service in order to get more information.